Flying Stats for 2018

It’s that time of the year again to write up another blog entry to review the flying I did in 2018. This year I did not have as much flying time as the previous years. The total time this year was down to just 122.9 hours. The airplane ended the year with 634.1 hours total time on the Hobbs meter. In my last flight this year, I hit 1000 landings! My total Pilot-In-Command time stands at 775.6 hours, and I ended the year with 500.1 hours of Cross Country flying time.

This year we again did the long trip to Oshkosh. We also made it out to Salt Lake City four times to visit our daughter and to deal with some more home improvement and plumbing issues with the rental house there. I had some minor ignition issues that were bugging me, and the airplane had a lengthy annual this year. I also had to deal with a stuck exhaust valve, and the airplane was down for almost a month while I worked on that. I also updated my ADS-B unit, and I had to replace a failed autopilot servo. That downtime put a bit of a damper on the flying hours. I also spent a lot of my spare time this year dealing with a major project at our house involving landscaping our yard. We didn’t really have any free weekends to do some of the trips we had hoped to take this year.

Even the many local flights for breakfast/lunch were mostly to the same old places. We did start out the year going to Lake Havasu and Hangar 24 Brewing with the RV gang. I also was able to finally do a flight out to Aqua Caliente to soak in the hot springs there (highly recommended). I attended the Mojave Experimental Fly-In and was awarded the “Best Build” trophy!


I also showed the airplane at the Ramona Air-Fair and Fly-In and got written up in the local newspaper.


I did get to fly with 6 new people in the airplane for their first rides, and I hit 7 new airports. I ended up the year with a trip out to Yuma, AZ to meet up with some of my Dad’s cousins whom I hadn’t seen in 49 years. Here’s to more flying fun in 2019! Happy New Year.


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